On September 23, 2019 we received a surprise inspection from the Chief Fire Inspector and Chief Building Inspector of the City of Jacksonville.  The Fire Inspector advised that a "concerned citizen" reported the building as being unsafe in case of a fire as no clear fire exits were indentified, especially on the 2nd floor.  The fire inspector wrote up 3 pages of violations (all public record on City of Jax website) and we were given a CEASE AND DESIST order until the building is enitrely up to code.

​Due to the likely litigation that will occur we can't really discuss much more other than to say it was devastating for us.  This was our livelihood and it was taken away at 2PM on a Monday with no backup plan. 

At the time this happened we had over 1,800 pieces belonging to 296 different people.  We contacted every person and either sold their items over the phone, returned them to the consigor,  transferred them to another consignment store or donated them to Community Hospice of Jacksonville or Spectrum Thrift Store.

If you came here looking for a consignment outlet - we strongly recommend Bryson's Furniture Consignment on Philips Highway.  Jason (the owner) is a very nice and honest guy and has been a big help taking on our consignors.    

Bryson's Consignment

7999 Philips Highway, Suite 101

Jacksonville, FL  32256

(904) 998-9884