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Pricing of items

Pricing is a complex process - and part of our secret sauce.  The age and condition of your item, current store inventory, current design styles & trends and historical sales of like items all play a role in pricing your merchandise. 

Our Contract

All merchandise is tagged with its complete future markdown schedule.  This pricing method allows customers to see what the item may sell for in the future IF it is still in inventory.   Prices drop 5% every week for the first 7 weeks. There is a 50% price drop on the 8th week.  Your item will not be priced lower than the 50% off for the remainder of the 90-day contract.  As shown in the sample image, the black buffet was initially priced at $899.99.  It drops 5% every week until week 8 when it reaches its 50% markdown to $450.00.

Unless the item sells sooner, it would not go below the $450.00 price for the remainder of the contract.

Over 60% of our inventory sells within the first 30 days. Most merchandise sells between the 3rd & 4th markdown.



with us

Ready to consign?  The first thing we need to do is see photos of your items.  We do not want to disappoint so we always review current photos to make sure that we will be successful selling your items.  You may email us photos or stop by the store and show us the photos on your mobile device.

Our contract is for 90-days from the date the item arrives in the store.  The net proceeds of the sale of that item are split 50/50.

Every new customer relationship starts with the very same question "How does your consignment work?"  This is a great question.  It is best answered by breaking down our process in the simplest of components.

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